Analysis of Jiangmen Pu automobile leather what is super fiber PU leather

2020-07-06 526

  The full name of super fiber leather is "superfine fiber reinforced PU leather". Super fiber PU synthetic leather represents the development direction of artificial leather.

  Due to the similar properties of natural leather, excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability and aging resistance, it is highly praised and favored by outstanding leather designers at home and abroad.

  The industrial production of artificial leather has a history of several decades. With the continuous application of various new materials, its products are constantly updated. From woven fabric to today's nonwovens, the resin used in leather base cloth ranges from polyvinyl chloride, acrylic resin to polyurethane (PU), and the fiber also changes from ordinary chemical fiber to Lotus shaped fiber and superfine fiber.


  In terms of product style, artificial leather has experienced the development process from low-grade to high-grade, from copying to simulation, and its characteristics even surpass that of natural leather. Superfine fiber synthetic leather is developed on the basis of fully analyzing natural leather. Superfine fiber synthetic leather is made of bunched superfine fiber and polyurethane by special process. It is made of nylon superfine fiber with similar structure and properties as natural leather bundle collagen fiber, which is made of three-dimensional network structure, and then filled with polyurethane with open microporous structure after post-processing.

  The advantages of superfine fiber synthetic leather are: high tear strength, tensile strength, good folding resistance, good cold resistance, good mildew resistance, the finished product is thick and full, good simulation, and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. Its surface is easy to clean, and its structure is similar to that of natural leather.

  But it also has some disadvantages: super fiber synthetic leather is a kind of scientific and technological product, which is concentrated in the powerful production enterprises at home and abroad. It has a certain monopoly, resulting in high product price.

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