Jiangmen Pu sand leather teaches you the production method of PU synthetic leather

2020-07-06 477

  The production methods of PU synthetic leather can be divided into dry process, wet process and coagulation process. Dry method (also known as coating method): PU resin is prepared into a certain solid content, a certain viscosity of the sol, coated on the release paper as a carrier, through the oven, control a certain temperature, speed and other process conditions, so that the solvent volatilizes to form a film.

  After the adhesive layer is coated on it, it is compounded with the backing cloth. After drying, curing and cooling, it is peeled off from the release paper, and then printed. The release paper can be reused after being rewound by a paper machine.

  Jiangmen Pu sand leather

  Wet process: wet PU synthetic leather is obtained by directly dipping the base cloth into the prepared PU resin, washing and curing with 25% dimethylformamide aqueous solution, washing with hot water, drying and post-treatment.

  Coacervation coating method: the base cloth is immersed in PU resin, washed and cured, and then coated and treated with resin to obtain PU synthetic leather.

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