How to distinguish goat leather from sheep leather?

2020-07-06 521

  How to distinguish goat leather from sheep leather? Sheep leather: it is characterized by flat and round grain pores, more inclined into the leather, several pores arranged in a group, arranged like scales or serrated. The pattern features such as "water ripple". Sheep leather is also divided into sheep leather and goat leather.

  Sheepskin leather: there is a lot of fat in the cortex, the fiber tissue of leather is loose, very soft, the grain surface is fine, the elongation is large, but it is not firm.

  Goat leather: the fat content in the cortex is less, the fiber tissue is fuller than that of sheep leather, solid and durable.


  Differences between goat leather and sheep leather:

  The grain surface of sheep leather is fine and smooth; the pores of goat leather are clear and the leather is elastic. No matter which kind of sheep leather products are made of beautiful patterns, soft and natural luster, light and soft, full of elasticity, but not as strong as cattle leather and pig leather.

  The epidermis is located under the hair and clings to the top of the real skin. It is composed of epidermal cells of different shapes. The thickness of epidermis varies with different animals. For example, the skin thickness of cattle hide is 0.5-1.5% of the total thickness; that of sheep and goat skin is 2-3%; and that of pig skin is 2-5%. The real skin is located under the epidermis, between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue, is the main part of the raw skin. Its weight or thickness accounts for more than 90% of the skin.

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