Jiangmen Pu sand leather teaches you how to deal with the smell of leather

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  Leather itself is non-toxic, but the raw materials used to produce polyurethane are toxic. If there is a peculiar smell, you can put the leather in the space, and the smell will disappear after a period of time.

  The synthetic requirements of leather foam include polyols, isocyanates, surfactants, catalysts, foaming agents and some functional additives.

  1. Polyols and isocyanates react to form polymer solid materials, which have no evaporation and no residue.

  2, surfactants and catalysts do not participate in repercussions, they will gradually release in the foam. The emission is very small at room temperature, but evaporation will be accelerated in high temperature environment, so the new car has a strong smell after exposure to the sun. At present, there are reaction type surfactants and catalysts. The reaction will be inserted into the polymer chain and will not be free.

  3. Foaming agent is divided into chemical foaming agent and physical foaming agent. The chemical foaming agent is water, which produces carbon dioxide and has no smell; the physical foaming agent is a low boiling point substance (from liquid state to gas state when heated), and it has evaporated completely after the reaction, which is harmful to the production personnel, but it is no longer available when it reaches the user's hand.

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  What should I do if leather has a bad smell?

  1. Polyurethane features:

  ① High mechanical strength and oxidation stability;

  ② It has high flexibility and resilience;

  ③ It has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance and fire resistance.

  2. Application range of polyurethane:

  Polyurethane is mainly used as polyurethane synthetic leather, polyurethane foam, polyurethane coating, polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane rubber (elastomer), polyurethane fiber and so on.

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