What can be used for environmental protection automobile interior PU leather

2020-06-28 505

  In view of many problems of environmental protection performance and emission pollution, at present, some new models of domestic and international brands have begun to use PU leather, and tend to have better physical and chemical properties than PU leather, improve the grade and quality of automobile interior leather, and improve the requirements of automobile interior function and environmental protection.

  So what is the use of environmental friendly zero solvent Pu automotive interior leather?


  The polyols in the pure Pu stock solution for environmental protection interior PU leather are modified into different types of material systems, so that the production process has a new breakthrough space: (1) excellent hydrolysis resistance; (2) wear resistance and scratch resistance; (3) high tear strength; (4) strong flame resistance; (5) almost zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) content.

  The zero solvent Pu automotive interior leather has been gradually recognized and welcomed by automobile manufacturers, and has a bright future

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