On the knowledge of leather maintenance of Jiangmen PU leather

2020-06-28 515

  Leather itself is a very delicate material, so in addition to the need to be careful in daily wear, daily maintenance can not be less. First of all, leather cleaning should use a special leather lotion, but also pay attention not to use a very hard brush to wipe, to use a soft cloth for cleaning. Leather in the daily preservation must also avoid the humid environment.

  Leather care knowledge - use

  Leather should be kept away from corrosive chemicals such as acid and alkali when wearing and using. Due to the strong water absorption of leather, it is difficult to wash off alcohol and oil stains if they are contaminated with leather products. In addition to the dark and humid environment, it can no longer be used in high temperature. The soaking of rainwater will also cause great damage to leather products.

  Leather care knowledge - different characteristics

  There are also many types of leather products, each with different characteristics. For example, cloth leather, which is relatively easy to handle, can be cleaned only by gently wiping with a soft cloth. While the leather products of suede surface need to consider the direction of their fur when they are in care. Leather products with severe stains can be cleaned with eraser.


  Leather care knowledge - storage

  Due to the high price of leather as a whole, leather products must not be discarded once or twice. Then there is a lot of knowledge about the preservation of leather products. First of all, leather products can not be stored in a humid environment. Second, leather products should be hung and kept as far as possible without folding. In addition, the stains on leather products should be cleaned before preservation. If there is any damage on leather products, please remember to repair it.

  Leather maintenance knowledge - mildew treatment

  This may be more common in the south. Leather products will get moldy when they are stored in the too humid environment for a period of time. How to deal with the moldy? First, wipe them with a soft cloth dipped in water. Remember not to directly use water and gasoline to contact leather products. This is not to send carbon in the snow or to add oil on the fire. These two liquids directly contact the leather which will lose its softness and what will crack it.

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